Our New Home

What is something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue? Well…nothing wedding day related, since I put a ring on Kiley’s hand in 2015…

but we do have a NEW HOME!

Yes, for those of you who don’t know already, we have been in the process of renovating a 1928 craftsman style home in our favorite city in the world – Winston-Salem! Yes, we moved out of the historic, 1940s loft downtown…but for good reason: we are planning for our future together. This is something that we are so excited about sharing with you all. 🙂

After beginning renovations back in April of this year, we found that this was much more of a challenge than we anticipated, and that we should probably definitely start blogging about our progress! In the coming blog posts, you’ll be able to see images and video footage from our renovation journey. Hopefully we’ll either: a) inspire you to keep on truckin’ through a project even when the going gets tough or b) entertain you with an interesting exploration of our story in fixing up our first house. Either way, we hope you enjoy!


Kyle + Kiley


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  1. Seth Wingate says:

    Let the shenanigans begin!


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