Now that we were able to get to the core of the house and see its insides, we cleaned things up and began the process of restoring the home to its former glory (with, of course, with some modernized features in mind).  Thanks to the team at One Construction, we were able to level up the floors on both the main and second floors, reinforce the brick foundation, and begin rebuilding.  Amanda Zubke, from GW Smith’s Kitchen Studio, provided us with a new, 21st century version layout for the home, while still keeping lots of original components of the flow.  We decided to add onto the existing bedrooms upstairs, and to convert the sunporch into a closed sunroom.

Here are some pictures of the progress that we made during those next couple of months working on our house!

This part took the longest.  Due to a busy summer, we weren’t able to work at the house as much as we would have hoped, but once we got back in things started FLYING!



Stay tuned for my next post, where we reveal where we currently are in our renovation project. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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