So we got the house…question is what’s next, right?

That answer is, a LOT of demolition.  When going into this experience, we knew that this house was going to need a whole lot of work, but didn’t anticipate how much.  Earlier in the year after closing, we went over there and began the demo work.  A dumpster was delivered and then walls were knocked down and windows were taken out.  Trims were stripped off and the old, sawed down doors were thrown off their hinges.  I stepped on a nail and assumed I was going to die from some crazy, long forgotten disease that could be hidden in the walls.  It was madness…but Kiley brought me homemade lemonade and lunches each day, so that made things a little easier.

To give you an idea of what went down, here are some pictures…


Since the house was built in 1928, things were old, crumbly, and uneven anyways, but when we tore out the walls we found a lot more wrong with the structure.  It was basically pieced together quickly like many homes were at that time, and looking back now, I have no idea how the house didn’t collapse into itself before we were even able to renovate.


When the demolition ended after about a month, the house looked like this.


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